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For physicians looking for an easier way to guide patients to the appropriate pharmacy or patients looking for a hard-to-find medication – RxFinder can help. RxFinder provides one toll-free number to connect physicians and patients to manufacturer sponsored pharmacy locator programs. It’s a simple three-step process that is at no cost to healthcare providers and patients.

How RxFinder Works

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The healthcare provider writes the prescription and provides the RxFinder toll-free number to patient.

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The patient places a call and speaks with an RxFinder Support Specialist

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Within an hour, the RxFinder Support Specialist will confirm stocking and return the patient’s call with the location of the nearest pharmacy that can fill the prescription.

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Why Health Care Practitioners are Choosing RxFinder

RxFinder was developed to take the burden of pharmacy location off of healthcare provider’s support staff. The service, free to both patients and healthcare providers, offers patients an easy way to find their prescription at the pharmacy nearest them.


Whether it’s the first script or a refill, the RxFinder will make it easier for patients to get the prescription needed while freeing up your team to further increase its level of service. The benefits don’t stop there.

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Keep patients on intended course of treatment

Decreases patient Rx abandonment

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Alleviates patient frustration in prescription location

Minimizes call backs from patients

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